Monday, 27 September 2010

TAG your it!

I'm on my iPod touch so this post is gonna be a little weird. I apologise in advance!

I was tagged by the lovely for this post :) even though I can't get on a pc right now I still wanna do this one.

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? I would go to Canada to try and find my relatives.

2. What is your happiest childhood memory? I was 6 and I was scared of dying. My dad told me I had 94 years left yet! Doesn't sound amazingly happy but for me it was :)

3. Do you have any nicknames? How did you get them? My friend calls me buttercup. She always says "what's up buttercup" that's where it comes from

4. What do you think is the single best decision you've made in your life so far? Joining twitter! I have made so many great friends through it!

Have fun playing along and I can't wait to see everyone's answers!

Because I can't tag properly, I'm giving this to the first 5 people who can comment saying they are gonna do it! 5 people only though so be quick and you have to nominate 5 too!

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Fear is a dangerous thing.

I haven't written anything on here in a while. A lot has gone on. I'm gonna start at the top so this may be a long post, feel free to skip this one.

On the 12th of September my mum hasn't been feeling well, thought she had picked up a bug that has been going around. at about 10pm she was complaining of feeling sick and she wasn't feeling good, she was also struggling to breathe. I rang our out of hours GP service and the doctor who rang back said she was gonna send an ambulance.

We live 2 minutes from a hospital but the ambulance decided they wanted to take us to one 35 miles away. I wasn't happy, I have no relatives or friends and I don't drive. When we got there she was just left for 2 hours. We eventually saw a doctor who put her in the resuscitation room because her oxygen levels were very low. They should be between 97%-100% but mums were stuck at about 74%, doctors start worrying about 93% so mums level weren't good and oxygen wasn't doing much.

About 3hrs later she was admitted and put on IV antibiotics, her blood tests showed she had an infection but they didn't know where. On the Tuesday, doctors came to see her and said that she might not make it, her X rays showed shadows all over her lungs. I came to see her and she told me all this. We talked and she told me that she was gonna sign a DNR, DNR means Do Not Resuscitate. It meant that if the worst happened then my mum wouldn't be brought back. Luckily we didn't need that. But it got close. At discharge she was given a load of papers for her GP, they say that diagnosis was pneumonia and the infection was in her bladder, she has got oxygen in the house now she's need 24hrs a day. Without it she gets really out of breath and her oxygen levels drop. Right now the oxygen is keeping her alive. We don't know how long she will need oxygen at home, it may be permanent but we don't know.

While my mum was in hospital I received amazing messages of support from my lovely twitter friends! I was on a bus 4hrs a day so having all that support helped me so much. I really do love you all!!

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Monday, 13 September 2010

46 hours and 3 red bulls later.

Well. It all started 8pm Sunday night, my mum hadn't been feeling well all day but at 8 she started getting really wheezy and couldn't breathe properly. Spoke to a GP on the phone who sent an ambulance. It came and we were getting sorted for going to hospital. I thought we were going to the one that is literally 4 mins away by car/ambulance. But no, the paramedics decided they wanted to go to a hospital 40 miles away!! Leaving me with an ill mum and stranded because I don't drive and we have no relatives.

Come 4am, mum is still poorly but stable enough to move to a ward. She was and still is in a lot of pain :(

I left about 10am, I was exhausted, had been up over a day. Took the 2nd bus journey then another bus and finally got home.

I'd just got comfy in bed when the phone rang. Mum was really poorly and was asking for me. I got dressed and went back on another bus and then the 2nd bus again to get there.

When I got there she was really upset. She told me that she thought she was gonna die. My mum is a non practicing Methodist but she even asked for the hospital vicar (a family friend) to come see her.

That had me crazy worried. She's having a lot of problems with her lungs which will hopefully be sorted by wednesday.

For now, you know everything I do.

I want to thank ALL the amazing people on twitter who sent me the most lovely tweets, I was reading them in the ambulance and I read some to mum :) I can't thank you all enough! It really does mean a lot to me when i know there are people who care <3

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