Friday, 15 April 2011

gonna try and catch up

I wanna try and get back into the blogging world. My last post was back when my mum passed away. I've wanted to blog but I've not been in the mood. I've not been keeping as up to date on twitter as I used to but im trying to read everyones even if I don't post myself. It's hard to explain my life right now, I'm trying to find a purpose for myself and get my life on track. Losing weight and dealing with PCOS is the last thing on my mind at the minute. So to end this post: I'm gonna try and catch up and keep up to date with people on twitter, I have so many friends on there and I hate not tweeting. I'm gonna start updating my blog more. Even if it's not brilliant posting I'm gonna try. Thankyou for the patience and kindness I've received from everyone, I really do appreciate it, love you all!!!! xx

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