Sunday, 28 February 2010

Understanding the jargon !

I've had a couple people ask me before about all the jargon on Twitter and blogs like,TTC,AF,POAS that sort of thing so I thought I'd write a post translating it :)
Most of the people who read my blog already know what all this means but for new readers for someone new to the trying to conceive community this could be handy for you.

TTC- trying to conceive
AF- aunt flo (basically your period)
POAS- pee on a stick (another word for taking a pregnancy test)
HPT- home pregnancy test
IUI- intrauterine insemination (a fertility treatment)
IVF- another fertility treatment
HCG- Human chorionic gonadotropin (the hormone detected in pregnancy to confirm pregnancy)
Wandy- wandy is the vaginal ultrasound, lots of people call it wandy because it's more interesting :)
EWCM- this one is less common but still handy to know (egg white cervical mucus.

These are the basic jargon terms that you see on Twitter and blogs, hopefully this helped somebody :)

Cara x

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

First Wordless Wednesday

when i look at this picture, it reminds that i will do whatever i can to accompish my dreams and not to give up.


I received another award today :D huge thanks goes to Em at Creating HackSpawn for this lovely award :)

10 Things that make my day..

1. getting up and my mum feeling better.
2.when my cat sits on my lap and goes to sleep :) green tea ! i cant live without the stuff now !
4. not getting tons of bills in the mail !
5.finishing my housework and crashing on the sofa.
6. snuggling up in bed and watching eastenders and csi.
7.putting my music on and dancing in the kitchen !
8. seeing new followers on my blog and twitter.
9. getting lovely messages and comments on twitter/blog that really cheer me up.
10. accomplishing something ive always wanted to do.

i nominated 10 people on my last wars, so today im gonna nominate everyone !! enjoy this award folks :)

Monday, 22 February 2010

blog award.

i was complaining on twitter that i have only had one blog award so the lovely Jin at so here goes :)

Rules: Post where you’d like to be in 10 years and then give it to 10 bloggers

basically in 10 years I want to have had at least one baby :D id also like to have got all qualifications and be a child pshycologist, or enviromental politician, oppisite ends of the career scale i know but i like both things :)

im nominating 10 of my favourite bloggers for this award :)
1. Fertility Chick
2. Roxy (Quest4BabyHang)
4.Courtney (The Peeks)
5.Fertility Guy
6.Elle (hope and envy)
7. Hopeful Mama Hack
8.kate (busted plumbing)
9.Kaitlin (ahmymarriedlife)
10.Nathalie (so crazy im sane)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Stupid valentines day..

Well today has been crap. I officially hate valentines day, I know if I ever get married I will change my mind but this very second I frickin hate valentines day ! I'd have been married 1 year ago today, it still upsets me but I'm over it now, he was a prick and I don't think I'd have stayed with him anyway. Luckily I have the support from the lovely ladies on Twitter who are amazing and also my mum who let me moan to my hearts content LOL.

Now the misery is over, I got an email earlier from my college asking me whether I wanted to attend a debate regarding abortion for extra credit, I replied I would, even though it's hard with everything that's happened, I have quite strong opinions on everything so naturally I love debating. I'm actually looking forward to it but I'm not gonna say what "side" I'm on because I don't wanna rattle anybodys cage with my opinions.

Anyway that's all that's going on for me right now and I'm gonna drown my sorrows in another hpt cross bun ! Hope everyone else enjoys V day even though I'm a miserable cow !

Cara x

Saturday, 13 February 2010

PCOS,what to look for and ways to diagnose

I'm a pcos sufferer and quite a few times I've asked what the symptoms are or how do I know if I got it. Well I wanted to do this post so that for those people there is proper information from a real sufferer. It could be quite long so if you don't need to read this I won't take offense if you go somewhere else :)

Right let's start with the symptoms, there are many symptoms on PCOS but people don't neccasarily have all of them so don't think just because you don't have a symptom, you don't have pcos.

**TMI alert **
1. Irregular or absent menstrual cycles. Not everyone has irregular or absent cycles, some women have perfect cycles. But for me my menstrual cycles are extremely heavy, and very irregular, sometimes every 2-3 months sometime 6-8 months.

2. Hirsutism is another common symptom with pcos, hirsutism is excess hair growth, most women get it on the face, I get it on my face, back and stomach. Hirsutism can be treated.

3. Sometimes women with pcos get the exact opposite of hirsutism which is hair loss, such alopecia.

4. Acne is also a very common symptom of pcos, I get really bad acne, which I treat with normal acne/spot treatment but you can also get medication from your doctor to treat the acne.

5.weight gain/ struggling to lose weight. This is one of the most unhelpful symptoms of pcos, you put on weight or struggle to lose it because of the hormonal imbalances or insulin resistance but insulin resistance is not always a symptom for all women.Metformin can be used to help weight loss.

6. Fertility issues. This is one of the most irritating symptoms/problems that comes with pcos. A lot of women don't even know they have pcos until they encounter issues trying to get pregnant, clomid is usually prescribed to help this but if that doesn't work there are other options such as iui or ivf.

7. Skin tags/darkening of the skin. Skin tags normally appear under the arms, on your bra line and also on your neck, skin tags can normally be ignored, but a dermatologist can remove them if there troublesome. Darkening of the skin round the neck, back, chest or even face is a sign of insulin resistance as well as pcos. There isn't treatment for palmers cocoa butter from superdrug in the uk is really good for it as well as stretch marks or scars.

I can't comment on any treatments such as metformin or the birth control pill as my doctor refuses to treat me. If you see any of these symptoms, see your doctor and asked to be tested for pcos. Next we are gonna cover ways to get diagnosis.

Ways to diagnose.
**TMI Alert**

1. Blood tests. Blood test are used to help diagnose pcos by looking for hormone imbalances and also insulin resistance. They test for glucose levels and also for thyroid under/over activity, which can be a problem with pcos.

2. Ultrasound. This can be done either pelvic, or the same ultrasound you have when your pregnant. I had a pelvic ultrasound, which isn't particularly nice, I found it a little bit painful but mainly uncomfortable, if your worried or unhappy having a pelvic ultrasound then ask the sonographer to do the other type. The results are then sent back to your doctor who puts your ultrasound with the blood tests to make a diagnosis of pcos.

I hope that this post has been helpful, and remember that if you have any of the symptoms then please go see your doctor ! If you have any other questions then follow me on Twitter, my user name is iwillbeatpcos and I will be happy to help anyway I can.

Thankyou for seeing this post through to the end ! I'm sure there were better things for you to do !

Cara x

blog signature

this is my new blog signature, i like it, but i usually do my blog posts from the blogger app on my ipod touch so really this is no use to me whatsoever.
I wanted to make it though because its pretty.

if you dont know how to make your signature, go to and you dont have to sign up you just make your signature. xx

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Maybe I am a bitch ??

Ok so I'm thinking that maybe I am bitch ?

As most people are aware I'm not trying to conceive, I'm not even in a relationship. I get a fair amount of stick about it. I get told that because I'm not trying to conceive I can't understand what they are going through or that I'm young what does it matter to me anyway. One of the things I get a lot of comments likeI just have pcos, what's so bad about it, it's not the end of the world your dieting will help.

Yes I know dieting will help. Yes I know I'm fat and need to lose weight, yes I'm not struggling with infertility like everyone else.

My best friend roxy, well I've never seen her but it doesn't matter, has been struggling with lupus among other problems and also has been struggling to conceive for 3 years, now I could never compare my problems to hers. Heck, to 99.9% of people my problems are more glitches, but they're not glitches to me. To me they are REAL problems that I'm really struggling to cope with, it sounds hard to believe but to me, it's not just PCOS, it's something that is affecting my life and how I feel mentally as well as physically.

I have NO real life friends who understand. Only 2 of my real life friends actually know I have pcos. 99% of the people are my Twitter are ttc, which is fine I choose to follow them, but recently I've found that some people are just ignoring me, yes my tweets are nothing to do with ttc but that's not what I mean. If I have replied to give congratulations on BFPS's or just general conversation, with some people I never get replys or anything, it seems that I am considered out of the loop and a stranger on Twitter now. I'm not gonna pretend I know everything about ttc, but I feel that if I was ttc then I would get spoken to a lot more on Twitter or happyhour. I am who I am, I can be an idiot at times, but I try to be a nice polite person and be friendly to anyone who speaks to me.

I believe that even though I may not in the "loop" it doesn't matter, I still try to be nice and I hopethat even when my lovely ladies get there BFP's or even if not then they carry on speaking and that I can have some amazing friends for life.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Fish oil and diet pills

I've been a real slacker on my blog lately so I thought I'd post an update for you all.

Well first off I've started taking omega 3 fish oils, I've heard they're good for pcos symptoms and general heart and brain health. I've also bought some Adios, which are diet pills. They're supposed to help speed up your metabolism so your burn more calories/fat. I only started them today so I will update on my weight loss and whether they've helped in a couple of weeks.

On a final note, I'm CD31 with no signs of AF, PMS or anything. AF was due on the 4th so she's already late anyway. Chances are this will be another EXTREMELY long cycle as usual.

Cara x

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