Saturday, 28 August 2010

What's in my handbag.

My handbag is full of crap so this will be a boring post !

My handbag isn't interesting, it's black with a zip lol, I can't get a pic because it's not sold online.

I'll list the stuff in my handbag so it's easy to read.

1. My purse, it's black and leather and I love it!
2. Calculator.
3.nail file.
4.receipts and bits of paper.
5.2010 diary.
7.tampons.,lipgloss,mascara etc.
9.headphones. LG KS360
11.headache tablets.
13.special K mini breaks.
15. Nail clippers.
16.hole punch. (weird?)

That's it :) it's not that interesting if I'm honest but oh well, enjoy :)

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Very erotic experience.

*warning* this is a funny post but I appreciate it may not be tasteful to some, contains references of strippers and male nudity.

I'm sharing this on my blog and also the happy hour blog because this story is honestly to good to miss!

I'd heard a local bar was doing a ladies night with a drag queen and strippers, I was in! I roped in a friend to go with me.

The drag queen was amazing! He was so funny, he was called Candy Couture and he kissed me!!

Then the first stripper came on! He was dressed up as a gladiator, with the loincloth and everything :D he was dancing and stripping, he got down to his thongs *drools* and grabbed this poor girl,picked her up and started humping her !! That was so funny and oh so kinky lol! Then everything came off!!! He poured baby lotion all over himself and I mean EVERYWHERE. then he was dancing around nude practically in womens faces!

Then number 2 came on, he was a policeman, did the dancing then stripping, got to his pants, then got a girl from the audience, handcuffed and blindfolded her and rubbed her hands all over him! He was so sexy :D

The number 3 came on as a sailor!!! He was my favourite, so hot !! He did dancing and stripped, then he was dancing with fire with only thongs on! Then he come round to me and poured baby oil in my hands, went back to the stage, took EVERYTHING else off then came back to me !!! I rubbed him ALL over with baby oil, how kinky does it get ?!?! My friend was practically peeing herself! Then he sat on my lap!! I wasnt expecting it lol there was grinding and bum groping involved too!! Honestly, if I had dropped dead I would have died happy! Including a pic of him humping my friend before he got naked ;)

Pic of me and someone I knew from school after it finished, I'm on the left :)

I had an amazing time !! And I did plenty of groping for all my twitter ladies who couldn't be there :P

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Sunday, 15 August 2010

After all the waiting..

Drum roll please !!!

AF showed up on Friday!!!! I was so happy. I mean happy, I've been waiting so long and worrying my head off. I was having pre-AF symptoms on Thursday so I knew AF was coming. Then on friday she showed up! My periods are never easy and this one is no different, I got AWFUL cramps but I can live with that, I'm just happy that it showed up.

I have an app on my iPod called period tracker and when I opened it to mark my period staring I got this lol

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Alone with my thoughts.

WARNING: this is a miserable post, I needed to put my thoughts somewhere, it's random mumblings so if you have no idea what I'm talking about then don't worry :)

My mums asleep, there's nothing I wanna watch on tv so I'm here. In silence. Alone with my thoughts. This is a bad thing, when I sit in the quiet doing nothing my brain starts going frantic with bad stuff. I think about me getting cancer and dying, this terrifies the crap outta me, I watched my dad suffer for 10 months from cancer until he couldn't fight anymore, I was there when my hero took his last breath. We had known for a few hours that it was coming but it didn't prepare me. I was 12, I'm 18 now and it haunts me even now but I don't regret it, I would never have forgiven myself if I had left, it wasn't pretty to watch his life slip away. The memory is etched into my brain. I loved him and he died. Roll forward 6 months and my mum is now wheel chair bound requiring round the clock care. Go forward 2 years and I'm told I have really bad PCOS, lots of large cysts on my ovaries that aren't going anywhere, my fertility taken from me, and my last bit of normality gone. I worry that the absence of my menstrual cycles will give me cancer, I know it's a possibility. With no treatment available to me and natural methods failing my mind goes to death. Not much frightens me, after everything that's happened I've learned that life can be a pile of shit and life is unfair, only a select few get a blessed life. But death frightens me, more than anything else I fear dying. I fear for my mum, she's not well and I'm scared of something happening to her, some may call it a blessing because of her health, but death is never a blessing. I'm scared of growing old alone and childless. I fear that the world is moving on and I'm left behind in limbo. I want to experience the joy of children, a life you create through whatever means.

Someone I know said that looking after my mum will make me alone. If someone can't handle the fact that my mum needs me then fuck them! They aren't worth it to me.

Someone asked me yesterday "what does being a carer really mean ? Are you just a glorified slave?"

No I'm not a slave. Being a full time carer means that someone depends on you, your life isn't just yours, if your hurt then what happens to the person you care for? You share your life with someone who is sick,disabled or both. I love being a carer, I love my mum and I don't care what anyone says about it.

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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Where is AF !?!?

I'm going bonkers. Bonkers I tell you! I have tried everything to get things 'going', ginger,parsley tea, herbs. All manner of strange things that are supposed to do the job. I got no pre-AF signs. Diddly squat.

This is where I'm at, I use 2 apps on my iPod touch so I've got both pictures :)

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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

*updated* fitness programme.

I had a reassesment on my fitness programme today. Every 18 sessions your programme is updated. I will include my old programme and then at the bottom I will write my new one.

Old one:
20mins on the treadmill at 3mph.
Elliptical machine (cross trainer) fat burn programme, 10mins.
Chest press, 40kg x30.
Lateral pull down. 40kg x30.
Ab crunch machine. 60kg x30.
Dumbells. 4kg x30.
Powerplate, squats, 90 seconds. Lunges 90 seconds.

That was my old workout which was pretty good, now I have an updated one.

20mins on treadmill 3.2mph on a fat burn programme.
15 minutes on the cross trainer on fat burn programme.
Chest press 50kg x36 reps.
Lateral pull down, 50kg x36.
Dumbell curls 4kg x40.
Power plate, squats 90 seconds, lunges 90 seconds, hamstring stretch 90 seconds.

There's something else but I can't remember, it is a lot harder especially for me but I'm gonna try really hard to push myself, especially on the cross trainer.

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