Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween! + update.

Happy halloween folks! I'm
not to keen on this holiday, it's irritating to have kids knocking on your door, especially when it's kids who are 14-15 yrs old ?!?! Either way, tonight I keep the lights dimmed and I ignore the older kids.

Also, I'm 39 days smokefree now!! I'm so pleased! I didn't think I would manage it, but I still struggle. Every day I get cravings still but I'm gonna keep up.

Today is movie day, I'm spending the day not moving and watching films. I watched Troy this morning and now im watching Hidalgo.


I started giving online dating a try a while back, I didn't really have much success, about 4 days ago I got a message off someone that didn't seem dodgy like the others, his name is Gareth and I really like him, we aren't together or anything yet but we are friends and are going from there. He lives about 60 miles away so it is long distance right now but that's ok.

That's the only interesting stuff going on right now, sorry I haven't blogged much! I will do my best to get back into it.

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Saturday, 16 October 2010

long awaited update.

i can't believe how long its been since i last updated my blog! a LOT has happened. I'm not gonna go into detail or i would be here til next year but i will do a summary of the past month for everything.

  • my mum went in hospital with double pneumonia. we thought she was going to die but she came through it. a week later she went back into hospital with a DVT, she had a fasciotomy which has been left open so we are hoping that's the end of it. she needs a scan next week to see if there are any blocked vessels or any more clots.

  • i went on my first train!!! when my mum went into hospital for her DVT, she was 50 miles away so if i went by bus it would've taken hours. i went on my very first train and to be honest i would happily NEVER get on one again. i had awful motion sickness and i didn't like it one bit.

  • i set up a new blog. I'm keeping this one but i created a proper new blog separate from this one so that i can control my ramblings. so i blog here and i blog over at Secret Diary Of A Fat Girl now too.

  • CYCLE UPDATE. I'm now CD70, as usual I'm long overdue but that has become very normal, no signs of anything happening so i think I'm in for the long game again.
That is a summarised update of my life this month. its been a really busy few weeks but now I have my mum home I'm hoping things can calm down and i can get everything back to normal.

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