Monday, 31 May 2010

Sorrow and loss.

Today I found out that Courtney one of my friends on Twitter lost her baby today.
I want her to know how sorry I am, her baby grew wings far to soon.

It's not Friday but I found this quote and I thought it would be nice to coinside with this post.

'An angel opened the book of life and wrote down my baby's birth,
Then she whispered as she closed the book, "Too beautiful for earth."

Cara x

Sunday, 30 May 2010

redesigning my blog !

ive just realised how awful my blog looks so im gonna change it, im stripping it bare and starting again. so im warning you that if you come on my blog in the next 2 hrs, it will look a mess ! i apologise and ill get it sorted asap :)

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Quick catch up

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since my last post ! I've written a few but I've either not been able to post them or they have been really miserable. Hopefully good stuff will pop back into my head !

Still no sign of AF, I'm CD139 so getting a bit pissed off with it now !

On Twitter the other day I was saying about the 15yr old girl I know who's getting induced this week because her baby is to small because of cocaine and alcohol. Well the other night when I went out (and got heavily intoxicated!!) I saw her dressed in this weird tutu fancy dress outfit, she was drunk and I mean really drunk. When I see things like this i get upset because people like her don't deserve kids.

Ok rant over, I'm gonna start blogging better and I'm gonna be starting a Topic Of The Week thing where I'm basically talking about a topic of interest :)

I will speak to you all very soon, I promise I will be a better blogger :)

Cara x

Monday, 10 May 2010

Evil Dr.R and me

I'm beginning to really hate my doctor. When I say hate, I mean hate, not dislike, HATE. She is such a cow ! And I will tell you why.

On saturday I had an appintment with her. It was to talk about coming off orlistat and to push her into listening to me about surgery. She weighed me and I lost half a pound but even she agreed me not wanting to eat has done that. So she said about the last option being surgery, I agreed with her and said I'd done my research and I wanted to see a surgeon about a gastric band. Well let's just say she wasn't happy. She lectured me about how she was against it and how just changing my eating habits would work. I wouldn't have been there if eating a salad wouldve made everything dandy ! So eventually she said ok but she was rude ! Saying 'your the patient, it's your perogative' now i understand that everyone has varying opinions but I believe that if you choose to be a doctor then you should understand that you can't always have your own way. So after all the rudeness and slamming the door in my face, I'm finally halfway there, I had a blood test today (which has bruised the heck out of me !) and I get the results on Friday, when we have to fill out a questionnaire that the surgeon will want to see but hopefully after that I won't have to see her again FX.

That's where I'm up to now. I've got a long road ahead but hopefully I'll get there, lose weight and be healthy and happy.

Cycle update: CD123, zero signs of AF or anything for that matter.

P.s I know they're differing opinions on weight loss surgery but I'd appreciate it if people with nasty things to say didn't say them. I welcome all comments as long as they aren't nasty, I'm nor saying no one can say their opinion, if you don't agree then say so, I'm open to constructive comments.

Cara x

Monday, 3 May 2010

Yes, in still alive!

I have been a terrible blogger ! I think my last week was about 10 days ago.

I haven't really blogged because basically I've had nothing to say. Now we all know I'm very vocal in my opinions but whenever I've sat down to write a post the past week, my mind has gone blank.

In the last days, not a lot has happened. When I say boring I mean it, no drama no nothing, it's actually been quite nice not having anything bad happening. The only news I have is that I got a bike :) I got a good one so I can use it regular and hopefully use it to help with weight loss.

So as mentioned I have nothing to say so I'm just gonna write a 'life update' to keep everything up to date for you all.

*life update*

Ok,so I'm still on orlistat, not taking 3 a day coz they make me ill but i'm trying. Doctor still says no go on the treatment front for the pcos, just lose weight. So the goal is to lose loads of weight so I can get some meds soon !!

'thankyou for listening everyone, I appreciate it a lot !'

Cara x

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