Monday, 3 May 2010

Yes, in still alive!

I have been a terrible blogger ! I think my last week was about 10 days ago.

I haven't really blogged because basically I've had nothing to say. Now we all know I'm very vocal in my opinions but whenever I've sat down to write a post the past week, my mind has gone blank.

In the last days, not a lot has happened. When I say boring I mean it, no drama no nothing, it's actually been quite nice not having anything bad happening. The only news I have is that I got a bike :) I got a good one so I can use it regular and hopefully use it to help with weight loss.

So as mentioned I have nothing to say so I'm just gonna write a 'life update' to keep everything up to date for you all.

*life update*

Ok,so I'm still on orlistat, not taking 3 a day coz they make me ill but i'm trying. Doctor still says no go on the treatment front for the pcos, just lose weight. So the goal is to lose loads of weight so I can get some meds soon !!

'thankyou for listening everyone, I appreciate it a lot !'

Cara x

1 comment:

Juliana said...

i know how feel, i have been MIA for awhile! Good luck on the weight loss!

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