Friday, 18 June 2010

Cycle Day 162

Just writing a quick post for now. I'm currently on CD162 and counting, I'm going insane and I'm getting pissed off, I know the whole 'lose weight and it will come talk' but that's not quite the point. This is getting seriously unfair now. My last cycle was 69 days and this one has gone double that. Because of my evil old doctor I have ZERO chance of getting any help with this problem.

According to her, women who go on the contraceptive implant or other forms don't have periods, so apparently it's ok that I don't. Unless I'm missing something (which I'm not), I'm on NO form of bc WHATSOEVER. So her theory doesn't really apply to me does it ? No. So that's why I'm stuck with the waiting game of just waiting for it to 'pop up'

I apologise for my craziness but I think I have every right to be angry and pissed off.

Cara x

I've got a couple of scheduled posts coming, but I'll start writing some more tomorrow.


WannabeMom said...

Wow I do not understand your doctors thinking at all. That is really frustrating. I know you've said that you really don't like your doctor. Are you able to go to another one?

I'm so sorry. It's got to be very frustrating. Hope AF comes soon for you.

Stolen Eggs said...

Hi there. I just started following so please forgive if this is old info... Have you tried taking metformin or eating a low carb diet? I've heard that helps for PCOS.

Reagan's Mommy said...

Hi there. Found your blog. I am a fellow PCOSer and know all too well your frustrations. {{{HUGS}}}

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