Friday, 11 June 2010

My fitness programme.

Now I'm at a different gym I've got a brand new programme which i'm gonna tell you all about now :)

I do 2.4 miles of cycling.
I do 1.2 miles of walking on the treadmill in 20mins so I walk REALLY fast !
I then do 10 minutes on the cross trainer on the fat burn workout programme.
That's it for cardio but that's pretty good.

Then I do loads of weights !
30 ab crunches.
30 bicep curls.
30 dumbell lifts.
30 chest press exercises.
30 back exercises.
90 seconds on the powerplate doing Squats.
90 seconds on the powerplate doing lunges.
(the powerplate is hard work !)

That's my workout, it's really hard work but I'm hoping it all pays off soon :)

Cara x

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