Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Good news for a change

I have good news for a change.

Ive been trying to lose weight for years with no success. over the past 3 weeks i have lost 13lbs. I was so happy to get on the scales and see that i had actually acheived something!

Also. after my mum died, i started smoking again. its now been a month since i quit smoking. i have had a couple on bad days BUT i'm still counting my past month as smoke free. its been so difficult to not smoke. i replied on cigarettes to calm me down and give me something to do so it has been difficult to give them up.

AND, i went  to see a medium tonight, was a group thing at a spiritual church and i got a message.

i was told my great grandma was there and my mum was with her. also that a gentlemen was there who passed in november (which was my dad). i do believe people are out there and it has been comforting to hear that they are there. she also said not to give uo if u want something then go get it.

I intend to follow that advice, i also intend to not start smoking again and also try and keep the weight off and lose more. wish me luck!!!!!


Nikke said...

That is awesome about the weight loss!
How are you doing it? I could use some pointers lol.

cara said...

Its been a combination of eating lots of salad and not eating after 6! believe it or not, i eat a little less fruit and it seems to have helped. dunno why.duno if its the sugar or something. I still have bread though :) xx

Tillie said...

weight loss is so hard with PCOS. Sending you lots of love and luck. You are so a motivation for me!!!

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