Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Big Twitter #infertility campaign !!

well i was on twitter earlier and i saw @SomedayBabyT saying she wanted to start a twitter campaign to get 'infertility' onto the trending topics, i LOVE this idea and im definitely on board !

First of all, twitter is a socialnetwork where you have 140 characters to write to your followers, simple eh ? trending topics are things that people are saying a lot so basically if your on twitter you will have seen Justin Bieber on the trending list, well thats because loads of people have put the words 'Justin Bieber'in their tweets,

we want to do the same thing but with infertility so on April 26th 2010 when it turns midnight in your country/timezone, start putting #infertility at the end of your tweets, remember the hash tag because thats the important part.

If you follow celebrities or famous people, then tweet to them the link to my blog, because she has details of the campiagn on her blog as well, hope to see all your tweets and remember to write #infertility at the end of them !!!

1 comment:

babythornburgh said...

Thank you so much for blogging about this! We're getting the word out there...I know we can make this happen! :-D

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