Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Home Alone

My mum has gone into hospital today for operation, for those who dont know, my mum has botox injected into her bladder to stop spasms that she gets in her bladder. And, yes before you wonder, its the smae stuff they inject in your face for wrinkles ! she had it in August 2008 and it helped so thats where shes gone.

That means that im an 18yr old home alone for 2 days (with booze in the fridge) !!!!

so tonight, im cooking a curry and im gonna have a drink, relax and watch some TV. I never get time to myself so im gonna try and just catch up on some sleep tonight aswell.

In other news ! i bought the nintendo ds game, Health Coach yesterday, the one with the free pedometer :)

im using it to track how much i walk as well as try and write everything in so that its all there when i wanna see it.
best news ! it only cost £6.99 !!

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