Sunday, 15 August 2010

After all the waiting..

Drum roll please !!!

AF showed up on Friday!!!! I was so happy. I mean happy, I've been waiting so long and worrying my head off. I was having pre-AF symptoms on Thursday so I knew AF was coming. Then on friday she showed up! My periods are never easy and this one is no different, I got AWFUL cramps but I can live with that, I'm just happy that it showed up.

I have an app on my iPod called period tracker and when I opened it to mark my period staring I got this lol

Posted from my iPod touch.


Nikke Brown said...

Congrats on starting a cycle...FINALLY!
Let's hope you don't have to wait until March of next year to have another one!

Lisa Marsh said...

I love your combined level of excitement and acceptance. Lisa

Oli said...

That's great hun. I was happy like you when I got my last one (I was 3 months late). I'm not sure how late you were but for the next one to be predicted as March it must've been longer than 3 months. I hope you don't have to wait that long for the next one x

cara said...

My last cycle was 7.5 months long Oli, I hope it's not that long again either :) thanks for the support everyone!! :)

B @ Our Journey said...

Hi!! I just recently found your blog. I also have PCOS and have been TTC for six months. I actually have that same period tracker app and had when I see some many long days. I just started my own blog about our jorney stop by sometimes -

Anonymous said...

Hey Cara it's @Pcoswarrior
I downloaded this app a while ago after seeing it on your blog.
I just want to encourage you to be strong, hopeful and refuse to accept those predictions =P
Follow your diet and take your supplements and you beat it!
I had cycles of 100+ days but now they're becoming more and more regular. So yeah..xx

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