Wednesday, 4 August 2010

*updated* fitness programme.

I had a reassesment on my fitness programme today. Every 18 sessions your programme is updated. I will include my old programme and then at the bottom I will write my new one.

Old one:
20mins on the treadmill at 3mph.
Elliptical machine (cross trainer) fat burn programme, 10mins.
Chest press, 40kg x30.
Lateral pull down. 40kg x30.
Ab crunch machine. 60kg x30.
Dumbells. 4kg x30.
Powerplate, squats, 90 seconds. Lunges 90 seconds.

That was my old workout which was pretty good, now I have an updated one.

20mins on treadmill 3.2mph on a fat burn programme.
15 minutes on the cross trainer on fat burn programme.
Chest press 50kg x36 reps.
Lateral pull down, 50kg x36.
Dumbell curls 4kg x40.
Power plate, squats 90 seconds, lunges 90 seconds, hamstring stretch 90 seconds.

There's something else but I can't remember, it is a lot harder especially for me but I'm gonna try really hard to push myself, especially on the cross trainer.

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Carol P said...

Very impressed by what you're planning to do. I think you've inspired me to at least go and have a walk...
Have you checked out info and support for PCOS at and

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