Saturday, 28 August 2010

What's in my handbag.

My handbag is full of crap so this will be a boring post !

My handbag isn't interesting, it's black with a zip lol, I can't get a pic because it's not sold online.

I'll list the stuff in my handbag so it's easy to read.

1. My purse, it's black and leather and I love it!
2. Calculator.
3.nail file.
4.receipts and bits of paper.
5.2010 diary.
7.tampons.,lipgloss,mascara etc.
9.headphones. LG KS360
11.headache tablets.
13.special K mini breaks.
15. Nail clippers.
16.hole punch. (weird?)

That's it :) it's not that interesting if I'm honest but oh well, enjoy :)

1 comment:

MrsP said...

I'm so nosy about the contents of handbags - I've never understood women who just don't use a bag!! I'm inspired and am going to steal your post topic! :D x

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