Monday, 8 March 2010

Appointments,appointments and more appointments

Today is my mums diabetic review, she goes to these every few months which she can live with. my mum is always at doctors,hospitals, its like she never sees enough of the medical profession ! shes sees her gp every tuesday and thursday and then everything else in between. The problem is if seeing all these people made her better then it wouldnt be as bad, but my mum wont get better, and sometimes she says she doesnt want to go, but seeing the doctors is helping manage her condition and hopefully stop it getting worse. I do understand where shes coming from though because an appointment every month is plenty enough for me !


The Quest For Baby Hang said...

I can understand. I have appiontments EVERY week (not just fertility) and most the time I have appts everyday of the week and that alone drains the hell outta me. I only have 2 this week, thank god, because we are leaving for Oklahoma. But I completely understand! I NEVER want to go to mine. I can hardly move today, it's worse then normal, and I have an appt in less than 2 hours..

Holly said...

wow it sounds like there are a lot of doctors in your life! I hope the appointments for your mom all go well!

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