Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My diagnosis of pcos & weight issues

My weight problems first started in 2004 when my dad died, I quickly gained from comfort eating. In January 2006, I started losing weight quite well. 06.06.06 my periods started (I'm pretty sure I'm now doomed because of this!) I started putting on weight again, acne came back with a vengeance among other things. I wasn't diagnosed for another 3 years because doctors told me that they just take time to settle. In September 2009 after an ultrasound and blood tests I was diagnosed with pcos, I wasn't given any treatment but was sent to a dietician with no success, I see the dietician on the 17th March (my mums birthday) and I hope she will write to the doctor and then I'll get treated properly. I have a lot of weight to lose, I wish to lose 9st (144lbs). Hopefully next year I'll be able to blog 9st lighter !


Juliana S. said...

My doctor did nothing for me either when I first found out, which really sucked. The only thing they were willing to do for my was BC, and I didnt want that at 17. Losing this weight has been a struggle, and I am happy now. I still have more to lose and I wish you all the best. Because I know it can be done, and you can do it!

Holly said...

You can do it Cara! You know you have so much support out here and we are all rooting for you in everything you do! :)

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