Friday, 5 March 2010

Going it alone ?

I have no desire to ever get married, I've realised there's more to life than marriage, I don't see the point in having a peice of paper to committed someone, shouldn't you be comitted anyway ??
Of course I want a long term relationship with a decent man but I don't want to get married.

Back to the point, I know a few single mothers on Twitter and in real life, they fo amazing jobs by themselves being mum and dad. most people see singles mums as a bad thing or not as capable because there isn't a father around.I disagree, I think that a mum can be both parents, provide support love and care for a child. This got me thinking, I'd happily be a single mum and i'd actually like to be, this sounds crazy but I'm happy on my own, and if I did have a child by myself that wouldn't mean I don't a long term boyfriend, I'd still want that but I want to be a mother more. I don't mean this minute but in a couple of years if I'm still by myself, then I'd seriously consider finding a sperm donor and become a single mother.

Cara x


Double Duty Mommy said...

I was a single mom from the moment I was 2 months pregnant till my daughter was 4 years old. And let me tell you it was easier then now sharing the duties with my hubby, lol.

Maybe just because I got used to doing it alone, but either way I don't think being a single parent was that hard.

So good for you. People may think you're crazy, but I don't. Do what you want! :)

Busted Kate said...

I've known several amazing women doing the single mom thing, and I was even by choice. I think everyone has their own path, their own journey. And you'll know the right path for you when you come upon it!

And you never know... guys right now are so immature, but once you get older and you meet a nice guy... you never know! Never say never :-)

No matter what, however you end up... at least you will be amazing!

SurroWorld said...

I agree.. I'd only get married for the legal benefits... Other than that, it's just a piece of paper to me.

Jenny said...

You do what you feel is best. =) It's totally socially acceptable to do stuff like this so it isn't actually that weird nowadays.

cara said...

Thankyou ladies :) it's nice to know you don't all think I'm off my rocker ! *hugs*

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