Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothers Day


i nearly forgot about mothers day this year !! it doesnt help when they change the date every year, last eyar it was the 22nd March and this year its the 14th of March, i had this post scheduled to post because i wont be blogging on mothers day, so by the time you read this i will have given and my mum her card and cooking her dinner :)

I love my mum a lot, she is the most special person in the world to me and i love her sooo much, this tribute is especially for my amazing mum !

A Million Thanks

You who make me happy when I'm blue

You who teach me how to live, and give love that is true

You who always forgive me in every mistakes that I do

This is the only thing I can say,


You who loved me unconditionally

You who love me eternally

You who teach me how to treasure thing that I can't see

A MILLION THANKS TO YOU, Oh, in my heart you are the

only key

You are a perfect mother for me

You are my only love, my only life until eternity

You taught me how to overcome trials and conflicts

I may face

A MILLION THANKS TO YOU, You're the kind of mother

that no one can replace!


Juliana said...

you do realize mothers day is in may right? you had me worried there for a minute.

Holly said...

aww what a sweet post! Your mum is so lucky to have a daughter that cares for her as much as you do!

cara said...

Juliana, mothers day is in march in the uk lol thankyou holly ! Your so sweet :) xx

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