Sunday, 4 April 2010

Breast or formula ??

I was Reading through tweets when I came across the debate about the risks of formula feeding and how you HAVE to breastfeed. Now I agree that if you can breastfeed then it's worth doing it, there are many benefits, but I don't agree with people dictating what you have to do to be a good mum. My sister formula fed all 3 of her children. Me and my sister were both formula fed. I also know a lot of mums who have actually CHOSEN to breastfeed. I don't see why this is a problem, yes there are certain downsides to formula feeding but what does it matter ? If you are happy formula feeding then why should it be a problem ? also, what about the mums who actually can't breastfeed. Does that mean you should starve your baby ? No, it doesn't, so as much as this might annoy people, I'm giving my honest opinion. I believe in choice, and how you feed your baby is your decision. When I have children I will try and breastfeed, but that is CHOICE. If I can't breastfeed or decide I don't want too, then I will not feel guilty about it and I hope that any mum reading this ignores those people who tell you to breastfeed and that you get on with your CHOICE and be happy with your baby. :)


Honey B. said...

This is such a controversial topic, but it wouldn't have to be if people would just be respectful of other peoples choices. I don't know why it has to be such an ugly thing that separates women who should be allies, raising their children the best way they know how!

Jenny said...

I agree, everyone has their own reasons/issues for choosing whether to formula feed/breast feed.
So weird to me that people get SO weird about it. My friend's husband insists breastfeeding is so much better and blah blah blah.
Personally I'm not too sure I'd want to breastfeed. I say to each their own.

KarmaPearl said...

I get really upset when people judge women for making the choice to formula feed. My daughter was breastfed the first two weeks of her life. Around 2 weeks she hit a huge growth spurt and not only could my supply not keep up, but I was exhausted from caring for her, adjusting to my husband's brand new 12 hour OVERNIGHT work schedule so I was basically taking care of a newborn baby on NO SLEEP ALL the time by myself.. She was crying from hunger, my supply couldn't keep up and I had to get rest. So I decided to supplement, and pump. Eventually even pumping was exhausting me so I gave in and decided to formula feed. Since then, I've been so much more patient, loving, and just a better mom to my girl. I can not STAND it when people act like formula is some horrible, terrible form of torture and that a child is being deprived of something if they are fed formula. My little lady is thriving and HEALTHY. Her belly is always full and I never have to worry about whether or not she's eating enough. Most of all, she has a mommy who is rested and able to care for her to the best of her ability!! I give props to women who breastfeed because it ISN'T easy at ALL... But I really get insulted and take it personally when other women look down on moms like me, or imply that formula fed children deserve pity and sympathy.

Sorry for the rant, it's a bit of a hot button issue for me, LOL

cara said...

I like to hear all your comments :) formula feeding doesn't deprive children in any way. Don't let anyone tell you your a bad mom for formula feeding because your not ! Nellie is a happy baby and that's what matters, not whether someone else thinks your wrong xx

The Quest For Baby Hang said...

It's your choice and baby, and you should do what you want. I want to try and breastfeed but that doesn't always work out..

Anonymous said...

I gave my son formula then I breastfed when he had a strong enough suction. I dont think he suffered at all being formula fed. Some women think that they are too high and mighty and think that they can tell the rest of women kind what to do.

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