Saturday, 17 April 2010

Unhappy Anniversary

Well today marks the 100th day in my cycle (CD100), i'm not gonna go into it all now but basically doctor still won't give me treatment for PCOS, not a thing. She says there's no need which I disagree with but that's for another post, but for now this is my very unhappy anniversary. Before I go, I was wondering whether anyone knew any natural ways to try and bring on AF, no point waiting around for my doctor to sort it out !

Cara x


Tammy said...

You should pop into your local Holland and barrett and ask them about natural remedies for pcos, and also something to sort out AF. I've just started using vitex agnus castus to balance out my hormones and help with AF x

Kayce Pearson said...

The only thing I know to bring on AF is Parsley tea. Hugs sweetie, I know this cannot be fun for you

Tillie said...

CD100 :( i am so sorry that AF hasn't come yet...I hope it happens soon! I wish I had a way for you to make her show up...I know when I POAS she arrives, but hey, that's just me ;)

Nikke said...

I went to my local pharmacy and bought Progesterone cream. Usually with the vitamins with the menopausal pills. Worked for me to bring on AF

cara said...

thanks ladies ! i tried to find parsley tea but i couldnt find it here, gonna go to holland and barrett and see what they say :) thnakyou ! x

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