Thursday, 1 April 2010

cocktail ideas ?

ok, this is completely random but i need all you alcoholics out ther to lend me a hand ;)
on my birthday, wea re going to a new cocktail bar. i like cocktails buit i havent really tried many. i like sex on the beach, cosmopolitan,maritni and bloody marys but there the only ones ive really tried. I'm really interested in trying some new ones, so please comment and let me know of any really nice coktails i should try, im up for trying anything !


Nikke said...

I love Midori kamikazis (I don't know if I'm spelling it right lol). They are so good!

Megan said...

My favorite is an armeretto (sp?) sour - very sweet and delicious. I get it everytime!

Also - appletinis can be good. I also enjoy strawberry margaritas.

KarmaPearl said...

This is a shot but it's my most favorite shot of all time..



Busted Kate said...

How fun!!

My friend here in town posted this recipe recently:

Its a mix for a Margatini! Its a combination between a margarita and a martini... a perfect Southwest drink.

Let us know which one was the best!

cara said...

They all sound delicious ladies ! I've got them all written down so I can try them :) thankyou !!

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