Saturday, 23 January 2010

25 reasons why I hate pcos.

I had inspiration from Kate (@bustedkate) to basically say why I hate pcos. So I'm gonna try and do 25 reasons for why I hate pcos. It could be long so be warned :)

1.makes you overweight
2.difficulty losing weight pcos makes you put on.
3.insulin resistance.
4.awful blood tests which leave me full of bruises.
5.excess facial/body hair (I really hate this one)
6.persistent acne.
7.absent or irregular periods or menstrual cycles if you wanna be posh.
8.cysts on my ovarys.
9.extremely painful PMT
10.painful ovulation
12.higher risk of miscarriage.
13.mood swings
16.difficulty keeping a bloke !
17.persistent OPK's
18.never ending pregnancy tests.
19.ass in the air for 20 mins after BDing to help the little swimmers.
20. Non spontaneous sex.
21.non understanding doctors.
22.non understanding friends asking where the grandkids/neices/nephews are.
24.being damaged goods.
25.higher risk of other health problems.

These are 25 reasons why I hate pcos, I have many more which I will do in another post :)

Cara x

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