Friday, 15 January 2010

Hoping for a good weekend

I am really hoping that I have a good weekend. I've had a terrible week so I think deserve 2 days of no problems, no doctors and no more problems for my mum. I think AF is on her way out which couldn't have come sooner. A week is far to long for her stay in my opinion !

Seeing my doctor for a "review of my situation" I don't really see the point because (excuse the bad language) she doesn't give a shit whether I'm ok or not. She won't treat me so I don't see why I should sit there and pretend everythings ok when it's not ! I'm an emotional wreck and even though I'm not ttc, I am struggling with this. It is hard for me to admit I can't cope. Ice cared for my mum and my dad when he was dying so for me to admit I need help is big. But my doctor doesn't get it, to be honest I don't think she cares if I have pcos as long as she can get rid of me by telling me to lose weight then it's all good for her. I know I need to lose weight but without meds or treatment the weight isn't even coming off.

Right, vent over. Before I go I wanna wish lisa (@waitinglisa) luck with her adoption process and also roxanne @Quest4BabyHang with her iui. Got everything crossed for you both and I hope everything goes really well xxx

Cara x

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