Saturday, 2 January 2010

I've decided I hate snow.

I normally love snow. But today it was not my friend ! It had been snowingsavour an hour and I normally stay in but I needed milk so I went to the shop which is about 10mins away. Getting there was fine but on the way back I tripped on the ice, I heard something crack and my knee was in agony so I went to A&E where luckily it was empty so I was seen straight away. Doctor had a look and then did an xray, I have problems with tendons in all of my joints so i was hoping I hadn't damaged a tendon. Luckily it isn't broken but I've pulled a ligament in my knee. So now my knee is strapped up to help it heal, they didn't give me any crutches but I walk on that leg so I'm borrowing my mums lol. Hopefully I'll be back on feet soon but until then I'm stuck with a dodgy knee.

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