Wednesday, 27 January 2010

After I collapsed and ended up in casualty I thought I'd get better really quick. Well I was wrong. Today I still feel really sick and keep throwing up. I'm
Also so tired which would be ok if I didn't have insomnia which won't let me sleep ! I'm on iron tablets now to replace the iron I lost, but at least I avoided a blood transfusion, I really didn't want it for several reasons but I'm happy that I got out of it. Had a call today from gynae that I gotta go tomorrow and see him and wandy. I'm really not happy having to see able gynaecologist. (I'm not anti men or anything I promise :P) I know a lot of women who are perfectly happy with there male gynae and it's that I hate them. I just have serious trust issues with male doctors so I always see female doctors. I've never properly been referred anywhere I've only seen gynae when I've had scans/tests. So hopefully all will be ok and I can continue to feel crappy and damaged again without inteferance.

Cara x

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