Monday, 22 February 2010

blog award.

i was complaining on twitter that i have only had one blog award so the lovely Jin at so here goes :)

Rules: Post where you’d like to be in 10 years and then give it to 10 bloggers

basically in 10 years I want to have had at least one baby :D id also like to have got all qualifications and be a child pshycologist, or enviromental politician, oppisite ends of the career scale i know but i like both things :)

im nominating 10 of my favourite bloggers for this award :)
1. Fertility Chick
2. Roxy (Quest4BabyHang)
4.Courtney (The Peeks)
5.Fertility Guy
6.Elle (hope and envy)
7. Hopeful Mama Hack
8.kate (busted plumbing)
9.Kaitlin (ahmymarriedlife)
10.Nathalie (so crazy im sane)


Holly said...

congrats on the award! You deserve it :) sounds like you have great things in store for yourself in the next 10 years! Can't wait to read about it :)

NaVe said...

aw - thanks for the nomination :D sounds like you have a great couple of options for your future! You can do anything you put your mind to ;)

cara said...

hopefully ill still be blogging in 10 years !

Jin said...

the enviromental politican sounds cool! So does the child psychologsit.

cara said...

aww thankyou Jin, I love the idea of both but havent decided which one yet, could always do both ! lol

Busted Kate said...

Oh what a cool award! Congrats to you lady, you're raking them in!! And rightly so :-)

Thank you sooo much for passing it on to me, I'm honored!

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