Wednesday, 24 February 2010


I received another award today :D huge thanks goes to Em at Creating HackSpawn for this lovely award :)

10 Things that make my day..

1. getting up and my mum feeling better.
2.when my cat sits on my lap and goes to sleep :) green tea ! i cant live without the stuff now !
4. not getting tons of bills in the mail !
5.finishing my housework and crashing on the sofa.
6. snuggling up in bed and watching eastenders and csi.
7.putting my music on and dancing in the kitchen !
8. seeing new followers on my blog and twitter.
9. getting lovely messages and comments on twitter/blog that really cheer me up.
10. accomplishing something ive always wanted to do.

i nominated 10 people on my last wars, so today im gonna nominate everyone !! enjoy this award folks :)


Jin said...

I haven't gotten into green tea yet. I just discovered chai teas and other black teas and I'm in love!

Yay for the awards rolling in now!

cara said...

thankyou :D and thanks for the help with the button on wordpress :) xx

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