Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Maybe I am a bitch ??

Ok so I'm thinking that maybe I am bitch ?

As most people are aware I'm not trying to conceive, I'm not even in a relationship. I get a fair amount of stick about it. I get told that because I'm not trying to conceive I can't understand what they are going through or that I'm young what does it matter to me anyway. One of the things I get a lot of comments likeI just have pcos, what's so bad about it, it's not the end of the world your dieting will help.

Yes I know dieting will help. Yes I know I'm fat and need to lose weight, yes I'm not struggling with infertility like everyone else.

My best friend roxy, well I've never seen her but it doesn't matter, has been struggling with lupus among other problems and also has been struggling to conceive for 3 years, now I could never compare my problems to hers. Heck, to 99.9% of people my problems are more glitches, but they're not glitches to me. To me they are REAL problems that I'm really struggling to cope with, it sounds hard to believe but to me, it's not just PCOS, it's something that is affecting my life and how I feel mentally as well as physically.

I have NO real life friends who understand. Only 2 of my real life friends actually know I have pcos. 99% of the people are my Twitter are ttc, which is fine I choose to follow them, but recently I've found that some people are just ignoring me, yes my tweets are nothing to do with ttc but that's not what I mean. If I have replied to give congratulations on BFPS's or just general conversation, with some people I never get replys or anything, it seems that I am considered out of the loop and a stranger on Twitter now. I'm not gonna pretend I know everything about ttc, but I feel that if I was ttc then I would get spoken to a lot more on Twitter or happyhour. I am who I am, I can be an idiot at times, but I try to be a nice polite person and be friendly to anyone who speaks to me.

I believe that even though I may not in the "loop" it doesn't matter, I still try to be nice and I hopethat even when my lovely ladies get there BFP's or even if not then they carry on speaking and that I can have some amazing friends for life.


The Quest For Baby Hang said...

Your PCOS is a serious problem. And you TTC for 2 years, there are some girls that we all talk to who can't TTC right now, so they should not treat you ANY differently! As for not getting replys back, I don't either. Esp to a few people who have gotten BFP's lately and haven;t even gone trough Infertility, I am beyond happy for them, but they talk to the others Infertiles but not me. And I told them congrats and when I get my good news today they said not a word to me, just ignored me. And I am getting tired of it. And most the time in TTC Happy Hour I will try and make convo but they just talk to each other and yes sometimes they will talk to me, but that is the same reason why I don't go in much unless your in there, because they just talk among themselves, and that's fine but I am not just gonna sit there and be ignored. And I have noticed a few people changing once they get their BFP, only just a few. I am not naming any names. Because I am not starting any drama, I am giving my opinion. It should not matter if your actively TTC or not married, YOU ARE STILL GOING THROUGH INFERTILITY and you TTC'ed 2 years. And yes you do understand what we are going through it when it comes to Infertility. You are just not activly TTC right now. Your PCOS is a REAL problem, don't listen to what ANYONE says, it is an awful disease!! And it's not like we have to talk about TTC ALL the time, I hate talking about it all the time. You are one of my best friends and I have NO idea what I would do without you. You have kept me positive when I was negative and so does some of the other girls on twitter, but me and you talk way more. And I don't think it matter if your not ttc right now I think you are still going through Infertility. As for people ignoring you..I dunno they are doing it to me also..if they wanna ignore you then it's their loss and when they get their BFP it seems as if they are "oh glad I am no longer in their shoes, sucks for them, I am out of the infertility journey and now pregnant" It kinda seems like that to me, and I WOULD NEVER do that when I get my BFP. NEVER! All my IRL friends that got pregnant..well when they were TTC they would come to me when they were depressed and I'd keep them positive and when they got their BFP BAM they don't talk to me anymore and it seems like a few girls on Twitter are doing that, and that is SO wrong!! But whatever, let them do whatever they wanna do, act how they want to act. And I am SO sick of seeing preggo complain about morning sickness..etc..it's like stfu and enjoy it. I love you so much Cara, I don't care if we have met or not, I love you with all of my heart and you are a VERY important person in my life now. Keep your head up and don't let others get you down! Not worth it Carabear!!

Busted Kate said...

I wrote you about a billion DM's on Twitter, but I just wanted to come on here and give you a big hug and let you know how much I love and support you.

You are as much a part of this community as anyone. You are positive, encouraging, and always have a shoulder for anyone to cry on. That makes you my Infertile sister!

You are amazing, and I'm honored to call you friend :-)

Randifity said...
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Randifity said...

Cara, chin up. You're not a bitch, you're a sweet and caring young lady.

Holly said...

oh sweetie *hugs* you are a part of this tribe just as much as the rest of us. thank you for all of the love and support you have given to everyone. It is much appreciated and I hope I can do the same for you.

cara said...

Thankyou for your comments ladies :D made me really happy to read them ! Thankyou roxy for all the support as well you all lovely people xxxx

NaVe said...

I just saw this post, but wanted to comment anyways, even though it's a bit late... you're not a bitch! Don't think that! I feel out of the loop in the TTC community sometimes too because I'm not taking any fert. drugs right now, but I have come to realize that Twitter only involves you if you involve yourself - no one really notices if you're not there for a day or two. It's just the nature of the beast I suppose. Anyways - just wanted to let u know that you're loved ;) xo

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