Sunday, 7 February 2010

Fish oil and diet pills

I've been a real slacker on my blog lately so I thought I'd post an update for you all.

Well first off I've started taking omega 3 fish oils, I've heard they're good for pcos symptoms and general heart and brain health. I've also bought some Adios, which are diet pills. They're supposed to help speed up your metabolism so your burn more calories/fat. I only started them today so I will update on my weight loss and whether they've helped in a couple of weeks.

On a final note, I'm CD31 with no signs of AF, PMS or anything. AF was due on the 4th so she's already late anyway. Chances are this will be another EXTREMELY long cycle as usual.

Cara x

1 comment:

Busted Kate said...

I'm in the middle of a long cycle myself! What am I at, like 50 days now or something? Sigh. Let me know if the fish oil helps!

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