Sunday, 28 February 2010

Understanding the jargon !

I've had a couple people ask me before about all the jargon on Twitter and blogs like,TTC,AF,POAS that sort of thing so I thought I'd write a post translating it :)
Most of the people who read my blog already know what all this means but for new readers for someone new to the trying to conceive community this could be handy for you.

TTC- trying to conceive
AF- aunt flo (basically your period)
POAS- pee on a stick (another word for taking a pregnancy test)
HPT- home pregnancy test
IUI- intrauterine insemination (a fertility treatment)
IVF- another fertility treatment
HCG- Human chorionic gonadotropin (the hormone detected in pregnancy to confirm pregnancy)
Wandy- wandy is the vaginal ultrasound, lots of people call it wandy because it's more interesting :)
EWCM- this one is less common but still handy to know (egg white cervical mucus.

These are the basic jargon terms that you see on Twitter and blogs, hopefully this helped somebody :)

Cara x


Kaitlin said...

Thanks for translating!

Holly said...

this was a good idea for a post Cara! Well done :)

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