Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Scan results

Well on friday I had my brain scan. Last time I got really claustrophoebic which wasn't nice and it was the same this time aswell. They refused to give me a sedative saying it could effect the results. So they gave me a jab to fake tiredness which would have been the same as a sedative but never mind. I was in there about 20mins so I tried to think about other stuff and when I got claustrophoebic which helped a little bit. Once I was done I was out of there quick ! I wasn't staying there any longer required. On Monday I saw doctor who basically said she wasn't sure what condition I had because the scan showed weird activity but couldbt say wgat it is exactly so for now it's unexplained insomnia which is where I was before ! So no treatment at the minute gonna review my condition in 3 months.

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Beth said...

Thinking of you.

Beth aka theivfgirl on twitter

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