Friday, 18 December 2009

Scans ansd sedatives

It's 1.46am just writing this while I wait for my tablets to work. My stupid doctor wouldn't give me anything so this morning I rang the private clinic I've been to before and they said the doctor would see me. He thought it was ridiculous that my normal doctor hadn't given me something. So he gave me some sedatives that I've taken just now so I hope they work I'm desperate for a good nights sleep. Got my brain scan tomorrow aswell to check whether my sleep problems are anything to do with my brain. Really not looking forward to it, I'm claustrophobic so I always panic and they won't give me a sedative because it might affect the scan but hopefully it won't last very long and I can get home asap. So hopefully by the time someone reads this I'll be fast asleep well I hope I am anyway.


Courtney (AKA MommaRoberts) said...

I hope the pills kick in soon so you can get some sleep :/ Good luck tommorrow, I think you will do fine just close your eyes and think of other things.

The Quest For Baby Hang said...

I'm sure they will give yu a sedative!! Good luck with Tomorow and know I will be praying and thinking about you!! Love you Carabear!!!

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