Friday, 4 December 2009

Ttc happy hour

Last night was another happy hour which I very nearly missed but I got there. I have to come to really enjoy happy hour we all get to have a good vent and cheer each other up if someones having a bad day. I'm the baby of the group but I love how much support I get from the other ttc ladies. Until I got on Twitter I was basically on my own. My mum didn't really understand and I have no family either. Also the few friends I do have either don't have the maturity to understand or they just don't care. It amazed me that complete strangers who had no idea who was gave me support when I needed it and I think you need special people to be that kind. I know that me and the other ttc ladies WILL be blessed with a child these ladies are so awesome and any child would extremely lucky to have any of them as mums xx

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The Quest For Baby Hang said...

AWWW Thank you!!! You will have your child too. And it does amaze me how complete strangers can give you the support you actually need. I had fun at TTC Happy Hour!!! :) Love you chicky!!! Stay strong!!!!

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